Joseph Fynn-Sackey

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District Pastor // Joseph Fynn-Sackey

Pastor Joseph is a well educated, charismatic, and personable lead pastor of the Vancouver District. He grew up in the Church of Pentecost in Ghana, and was ordained as an Elder in 1989. He was called to be a Probationary Overseer in 2002. A few years later in 2005, he was ordained as a pastor. He has served as a National Leader since 2001 in various capacities including National Youth Leader, National Executive Members, Secretary of the National Missions Board, and National Witness Leader.

He is well versed in the doctrines of the church and serves with great understanding of the many facets of the church. He has pastored at multiple districts successfully; including Montreal, Hamilton, and Toronto District before he was transferred to be the pastor of Vancouver District in the Summer of 2018.

He is married to Mrs Mercy Fynn-Sackey and they have 4 children named Esther, Nancy, David, and Daniel. His interest is meeting new people, music, and reading.

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